Beauty Care

Never has there been a better time to take care of your inner and outer self. With all of the information and resources available, there are many ways to solve problems, improve your appearance, and nurture your self-esteem. These articles provide an array of tips about all things related to beauty care and self-help, along with some things you just shouldn’t do.

flower10 Things that Make You Look Older
Sometimes its the not-so-obvious things we're doing that makes us appear older than our years. Who wants that? Identify, correct, and conquer!
flowerBeauty Blunders
Lest you think that you look perfect, you may find yourself inadvertently committing one of several mistakes from our list of beauty, makeup, and hair blunders.
flowerBeauty Myths
You've been misled and we are going to expose common beauty and exercise myths that have no basis in fact and can undermine your beauty routine.
flowerBeauty Problems that are Easy to Solve
Check out these common beauty problems that we often have with skin, hair, eyebrows, and teeth, and the solutions that are amazingly simple.
flowerBeauty Secrets
They may not be secrets anymore but they're certainly not well-known. Here's the top picks for skin, hair, and makeup tricks to solve problems and look better. Included are some celebrity secrets they've shared, plus some they'd probably rather have kept quiet.
flowerBeauty Shortcuts
Cut your routine in half with these time-saving shortcuts that will help you get ready faster!
flowerBeauty Tips for Teens
Girls, this is for you! Find answers to your questions on skin care, makeup, and blemishes, all on one page.
flowerCosmetics Tips
Women are consumers and we know what we want. Here's how to get the most out of cosmetics for your intended purpose.
flowerFragrance & Perfume Tips
Pass the scent please. Discover the different types of perfumes, popular scent categories, and tips for application, storage, and choosing the most appealing scent for yourself.
Just for fun, this page has your daily horoscope and fortune cookie. You'll also find positive energy and planetary influences that will help you face whatever rocks your world.
flowerHow to Apply False Eyelashes
Movie stars and pop divas aren't the only ones wearing false eyelashes. Learn how you can wear them too, with our easy step-by-step guide.
flowerHow to Look Good in Pictures
You can look stunning in pictures if you make friends with the camera and learn the tricks to being photogenic. Hint: it's in the pose and the lighting but there's more to it.
flowerHow to Look Younger
Ready to turn back time? We've got lots of ideas and tricks that will help you shave years off your age and fool even the most intuitive people.
flowerHow to Make a Good First Impression
Knock 'em out with your good looks and charm. Because first impressions really do matter.
flowerLearning to Love Your Body
Media, culture, and psychological factors can add to poor body image. Learn to love your body and improve your self-confidence.
Give yourself a DIY manicure at home with this easy guide for filing, painting, decorating, and repairing your fingernails.
flowerMotivational Quotes
Need a picker-upper? Here's some Inspiring quotes for beauty and self-confidence to lift you up and make you smile.
flowerNatural Beauty Tips
Some women were born with it, others have to work at it. Regardless, there are several ways to up the "it" factor and look like the sexy, girl-next-door -- naturally.
Toes need attention too. Treat your toenails just as you do your fingernails and you won't be caught with ugly feet. Here's how to get them ready for summer with these home pedicure tips.
flowerQuestions and Answers
Over the years, we have received a variety of beauty questions from our readers, most of them are related to hair and makeup. You may find some of the answers helpful, so dig in!
flowerTake Care of Your Inner Beauty
On a quest for self-improvement? Take care of your inner self as well as your physical appearance and you will be the the epitome of beautiful!
flowerTeenage Girls and Self-Esteem
Society would have you believe that all teen girls should look flawless and picture-perfect. But is that realistic? This article explores why we feel pressure and how to build self-esteem.
flowerWedding Beauty Tips
The big day is near, your nerves are frazzled, and you need a bit of TLC. Here's how to relax and look picture-perfect on your wedding day.
flowerWinter Guide
Got the winter blahs? Give yourself extra care this fall and winter and adjust your beauty regimen to colder climate conditions.
flowerZodiac Personality Traits
Find out your individual character traits, temperament, and what celebrities share your sign.