How to Fade Freckles


If you have freckles, you probably either love them or hate them. Before you go on a "search and destroy" mission, consider the idea that they can be fun, and many guys are attracted to them. Some girls envy those with freckles! If you're not one to accept nature's cute little spots, you can reduce their appearance, or hide them with makeup. However, there are no easy ways to completely get rid of them.

Consult your dermatologist if you're willing to spend a considerable amount of time and money. There are several different techniques to fade freckles, such as freezing, acid, sanding and laser treatments. This can take several sessions and you're going to experience skin irritation, so it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Home Remedies

For those who prefer to fade your freckles with natural home remedies, there are many things you can try. Since the sun's rays enhance freckles and dark spots, stay out of direct sunlight whenever possible and use a sunscreen with the highest SPF available.

Vitamins A & C should boost your defenses to the sun's dangerous rays and might reduce the darker pigment over time. If you have a light skin tone, there are many fade creams available for freckles, age spots and liver spots. Use with caution. If your skin is medium to dark, the creams can cause hyper-pigmentation and darken the spots you're desperately trying to get rid of. Alpha-hydroxy acids can increase the turnover of your skin cells and lighten freckles to an acceptable shade.

Other things to try are lime juice, lemon juice, and fruit and vegetable masks, such as apricot and cucumber. No one method is sure to work on everyone. Similar procedures may include those that fade age spots.


The best way to deal with unwanted freckles is also the easiest. You can cover them under foundation and a fresh application of loose powder. You can also try lightly rubbing in a little concealer that is closest to your natural skin tone.

You might be surprised that after all the fretting and remedies you tried to hide your freckles, you finally come to realize that they are endearing and downright cute. By then, they may be fading naturally because they do have a tendency to diminish with time.

*This page is provided as an information resource and is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.