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Why is it that everyone makes such a fuss over their hair? It's probably because shiny hair is very attractive and signifies good health. It doesn't matter if your makeup and clothing are top-notch, if your hair isn't up to par, it will ruin your overall appearance. Our haircut, care and styling advice will help you get the best possible results for your beautiful tresses and keep you feeling confident and happy.


Bad Haircut Help

Did your stylist botch your hair? Here's a little consolation and multiple ways to disguise a bad haircut and do some damage control during awkward growing out stages.
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Dandruff Causes & Treatment

Find information about dandruff, the causes, treatments, and various home remedies for long-term relief.

Growing Out Your Hair

Want longer hair but can't stand the wait? There are several things you can do to help it along and ease growing pains.

Eyebrow Tips

Don't neglect your brows. After all, they frame your eyes. This article offers practical grooming and tweezing tips to shape and thin your eyebrows.

Hair Care Tips

Provides hair care tips and styling advice for healthy, shiny hair.
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Hair Removal Tips

Are things getting a little too hairy? Get rid of unwanted hair with our easy hair removal guide.

Haircut & Style Tips

Keep your hair beautiful and healthy with these essential tips for haircuts, styles, and maintenance.
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Hairstyle Trends for Fall & Winter

As the temperatures turn from warm to cool, so does our desire for change. Discover the latest trends in hairstyles for the new fall and winter season.
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Hairstyle Trends for Spring & Summer

Find out what's hot in hairstyles for the new spring and summer season.
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Home Haircolor Tips

If your hair is wild and oh-so hard to handle, this article outlines various methods for you to take control and calm the fuzz.

How to Control Frizzy Hair

If your hair is wild and oh-so hard to handle, this article outlines various methods for you to take control and calm the fuzz.
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How to Get the Best Haircut

Ready for a new cut or style? These five important steps will help you get exactly what you want at the salon and ensure that you walk away happy.
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How to Use a Flat Iron

Forget waves. Here's step-by-step instructions to achieve the super-straight, shiny hair that you see models and celebrities wearing on the runways and red carpet.
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Tips for Shiny, Healthy Hair

Need ideas to add ultimate shine to dull tresses? These simple techniques cover the basics and a few extra tricks for shiny and healthy hair.

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