Makeup and Cosmetics Advice

For centuries, humans have been using makeup to enhance their facial features and express individuality. In modern times, the choices are vast. From basic concealer to mascara to lipstick, the cosmetics industry is vying for your hard-earned money with enticing magazine ads and TV commercials. It's no wonder that women are confused when going to the cosmetics counter.

Since nobody is perfect, we all have what we consider either minor or major flaws we'd rather not have. Surgery is not your only option to achieve the look you want. Makeup is indeed the most cost-effective way to camouflage imperfections and cover flaws. It may also be the best way to accept what we have and feel confident. Just how much money should you spend on makeup? What shades look right? How do should it be applied? We try to answer those questions here and offer advice from people whose job it is to make other people look their best.

flowerBeauty Advice: When Less is More
Forget about looking perfect. We're doing more harm than good with too much of a "good" thing. Watch out for these ten beauty scenarios.
flowerThe Best Makeup for your Skin Tone
Whatever your complexion, here's how to choose makeup colors that will compliment your skin tone, eyes, cheeks, and lips.
flowerCovering Flaws
How to use camouflage imperfections such as scars, blemishes, and birthmarks with makeup or simply make your nose or face appear thinner.
flowerGothic Makeup and Clothing Tips
Want to show a little of your dark side? This article offers some fun tips on makeup and clothing for those wishing to achieve a gothic look.
flowerMakeup Tips and Tricks
Offers makeup tips and clever tricks for foundation, eyes, lips and cheeks to give you a stunning look for any occasion.
flowerParty Makeup Fun
Are you ready to glam it up for the holidays? Here's how to add some pizzazz to your face and show off your distinctive style.
flowerHow to Apply Eye Makeup
Provides proper techniques for applying eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara to accentuate your finest features.
flowerHow to Apply Mascara
Get long, lush eyelashes with our guide to colors, formulas, and precise application.
flowerHow to Clean Makeup Brushes
This article outlines an easy method to cleanse your makeup brushes, tools, frequency, and benefits.
flowerMakeup Tips for Redheads
Are you fortunate enough to have auburn or red hair? This article provides skin care basics and makeup tips for redheads, particularly those with a light skin tone.
flowerMakeup Trends
Update yourself! See what's popular for faces and look incredible with the current seasonal makeup trends.
flowerSummer Makeup Tips
Embrace summer with advice for foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lips, and oh-so versatile bronzing powder.
flowerTricks of the Trade: Applying Makeup
A professional gives you tricks and techniques that make applying makeup easier and more appealing.
flowerTypes of Foundation
Just getting started? See which foundation will work with your skin type.