Makeup Tips for Redheads

woman with red hair

If you have red or auburn hair, congratulations for being unique! If you're a natural redhead, you probably have very fair skin to go along with your beautiful tresses. We've got some simple skin and makeup tips for you to highlight your facial features and compliment your natural skin tone.

  • Use a sunscreen to prevent skin damage and freckles.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eye area from premature wrinkles and crow's feet.
  • If you have freckles, don't fret. They can easily be downplayed with foundation if you choose, but they can be endearing.
  • Try to keep your makeup natural. Blend and blend more. Your foundation should come very close to matching your skin tone.
  • For a light skin tone, avoid any pink and rose shades, including blush. Stick with peach or coral.
  • For the eyes, earth tones will complement your face. Beige, honey, and warm tones are much more flattering than pink & blue.
  • Open up your eyes by extending your eye shadow over the crease with a slightly lighter color (than what's on your eyelid.) Consider using a brown eyeliner pencil.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment. Try taking the darker shade on your eyelid up a little on the outer edges and blending it in with the lighter color to add a "lift." Or use bronzing powder.
  • You can use bronzing powder on your nose, into your cheeks, forehead and chin to add some color to your skin.

By testing different shades that go with your red or auburn hair, you will find out what makeup looks best on you. It's all trial and error. When you find your favorites, go back to the store and buy an extra, just in case your favorite color is discontinued. (Unfortunately, it happens frequently.)