How to Apply Mascara

woman applying mascara

Depending on which formula you choose, mascara gives you the ability thicken and lengthen your eyelashes, thus enhancing the overall appearance of your eyes.

Different formulas include those that can thicken, lengthen and condition your eyelashes. Waterproof mascara will repel water and is superb for swimming, sports and emotional events.


The hottest selling mascara colors are the basics. Brown, black and brownish-black are natural colors that are appropriate for both work and social events. Mascara also comes in trendy colors such as blue, navy blue, aqua, and purple. Clear mascara is the latest fad, which gives eyelashes more volume and shine, but nothing in color.

The ideal color for fair-skin blondes is usually brown or brownish/black. Anything darker can appear too harsh will not look natural. Brunettes are better off opting for darker colors such as brownish/black or black. Save the trendy shades for a fun night out on the town, not for the work environment.


So how do you apply mascara? It's best to start with clean eyelashes. Prepare them in advance by using an eyelash curler as close the to base of your eyelashes as possible on your upper lashes.

Begin applying the mascara on the upper lashes, at the base. Whether you choose to hold the want horizontally or vertically is preference but it also may depend on the formula. Wiggle the wand as you go to apply evenly throughout.

A trick for the lower lashes is to take a thin tissue and position it underneath before you apply. This helps you avoid the messy blotches you may get on your face in the process.

If you choose to apply two layers, let the mascara dry for several minutes before applying the second coat. If you're too quick, you may end up with undesirable clumps and smudges.

If you still have clumps, use a metal eyelash comb to lift and separate. If you don't own a metal comb, you can take an old wand and clean it off completely and use it for this purpose only. For super-lustrous lashes, apply mascara to the top of the lashes as well as the underneath.

Mascara can dry out rather quickly. Don't pump the wand and make sure you tighten the cap in between layers. To avoid unnecessary infections, never lend out your mascara to others. The shelf life is about three months, which usually is long enough to use it up entirely. If not, discard the old and replace it.