Party Makeup

eye makeup

Who doesn't enjoy getting dolled up for a party? It's a great opportunity to go all out and look your absolute best! You can stun them with some wild and flashy makeup, adding sparkles and bold colors that are just perfect for parties.

Show off your distinct style by adding a creative flair to your makeup and keep them guessing what you'll come up with next. It's best to focus on one facial feature, while not getting too flamboyant with all of your makeup. Don't overdo it. You want to look stylish, not over-the-top.


If you plan to be dancing or under hot lights, keep your foundation from caking up and looking messy by applying a light layer, touched-up with loose powder to cover imperfections.


Don't be shy! Go bold with party makeup, especially at night. Right now, sparkles and shine are all the rage. Try sprinkling loose glitter on your eyelids. Top it off with false eyelashes. You could try various eyeliners in unique colors or tinted mascara to add just the right amount of color.


Since you might get hot, you go easy on the cheek color. Tone it down or sculpt your cheekbones with a dark, brownish blush. Or, consider adding body glitter to the edge of your cheeks for some elegant highlights.


1960's retro red lipstick sets the trend for the latest in lipcolor this season and really stands out on those with blonde hair and pale skin. If you'd rather go classic than wild, try a dark plum or wine color to accentuate your lips without looking flashy. If you prefer a more natural look, apply a shimmery lipgloss over bare lips or your favorite lipstick.