Beauty, Hair, & Makeup Tips: Reader Submissionsour readers share their wisdom

Let's have fun! Our readers are helping out. Learn from those who have tried just about everything and discovered something new. These pages proudly display advice from our readers on beauty, skin care, makeup, hair care, style, and fitness.

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General Beauty

From face to feet, our readers share information for products that have many uses. They also have a few secrets for solving problems that's not common knowledge.
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Hair Care & Hairstyle Tips

Want beautiful, bouncy hair? Here's a great list of tips for solutions, hairstyles, and best of all, shine!

Makeup Tips

Your face is a palette for artistic beauty! This page provides and array of readers' tips for face, foundation, eyes, and lips.
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Skin Care

Everyone wants soft, supple, beautiful skin. You'll find lots of wisdom here, from acne solutions to skin care secrets for a youthful appearance. You won't be disappointed.
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Our readers know exactly how to get a better body. You can too if you commit yourself to a fitness routine. Here are a few additional tips that will help you get in shape and feel better.