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Our outward appearance is at the mercy of mother nature and our own skin care routines, or lack thereof. A little knowledge goes a long way in caring for our body's largest organ; the skin. Often, the easiest method is the best but there are several ways to tweak problem areas. These articles are intended to help you with basic skin care, problem areas, and natural aging issues.

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Age Spots

Are you tired of those spots ruining your appearance? Here's how to take years off of your face and hands by fading age spots and preventing further damage.
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Body Piercing

Ready to express your individual style? This article gets you familiar with the process, how to care for your piercing, and how to prevent infection.
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Crow's Feet

It's an age-old problem and one of the first signs of aging. Learn methods for prevention, plus some treatment ideas for to reduce the lines.

Hand Care

Your hands will often reveal your lifestyle and age. Here are tips that will help you keep them soft, supple, and younger-looking.
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How to Fade Freckles

Not everyone finds freckles endearing. Here's several home remedies to fade them and clever ways to conceal them so that they're not a bother.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

By taking some easy steps to minimize puffiness and dark circles, you'll improve the appearance of your eyes and improve your overall health.
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How to Have Perfect Skin

Skin care doesn't have to cost a fortune, it just requires some patience and daily maintenance. Find out how to have your face looking flawless and near perfect, whatever your skin type.

How to Have Plump Lips

Provides non-surgical techniques to make you lips appear plump, shiny, and super-kissable.

Oatmeal Mask Recipe

Yearning for smoother skin? Here's a natural recipe for an oatmeal mask that's a great skin care or party-prep routine.

Pimples & Blemishes

It's a common problem that's not so easy to solve, but we've listed some solutions for preventing and dealing with breakouts that mar your otherwise fine appearance.
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Skin Care Tips

Clearly, skin is the base for our makeup and we need pamper it. Learn and review the basics of skin care, what to do and what to avoid.
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Skin Types

This article outlines the four common skin types, followed by explanations to help you determine your type and how to care for it.


Not quite sure if you want to go under the needle? Read through our deciding factors, risks, preparations, and more to help you make the best decision.
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Tattoo Care

How to care for your tattoo to ensure a vivid design and quick healing.

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