Skin Care Tips

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it's one of the first things people notice about you. Whatever the sins you've committed against it in the past, it's never too late to start taking care of it and repair some damage.

You don't need to run out and buy every skin care product on the shelves. You can keep it glowing, radiant, and younger-looking with these basic skin care tips you can do at right at home.

  • Keep it clean.
  • Avoid laying on your face. Try getting used to sleeping on your back.
  • Drink eight glasses of water every day to keep it hydrated.
  • Use an alcohol-free toner to clean out pores.
  • Don't tug and pull the skin around your eyes. Be Gentle.
  • Don't take steaming hot baths or showers because it has an immediate drying affect. Keep it short.
  • After bathing, pat dry your skin and apply a body lotion to seal in the moisture.
  • Save heavier moisturizers for nighttime. Use light ones under makeup.
  • If your skin is sensitive, it's best to look for products and cosmetics that prevent irritation.
  • Use a humidifier in the winter and dehumidifier in the summer.
  • Exercise will increase your circulation and give your skin a healthy glow.
  • Never pick a mole. If one looks suspicious or is bothersome, your dermatologist can remove it with a very simple procedure and run a biopsy.
  • For bags underneath your eyes, put a couple of spoons in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Relax and apply to your eyes to reduce swelling. Read more tips for bags and under-eye circles here.
  • Exfoliate once a week including your neck and upper chest area.
  • Rinse your face in cool water to close your pores. This will help reduce their size.
  • After showering, apply lotion to your elbows, knees and feet.
  • A simple home remedy for blemishes is antibacterial soap.
  • Lemon juice doubles as a facial mask and pore-reducer.
  • Beauty rest is not a myth. Your skin will be rejuvenated with a good night's sleep.

*This page is provided as an information resource and is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.

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