Summer Beauty Guides

The dog days of Summer are here! Now is a good time to change your beauty routine and get yourself in tip-top shape for spring and summer activities, sports, and events. By switching to a warm-weather plan, your skin will look radiant and your makeup will have the staying power it needs to keep you beautiful as the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer.

Our summer beauty guide will give you many tips, ideas, and  trends for your face, hair, skin and clothing to help you make that adjustment.

flowerBeauty Tips for Summer
Are you ready to spend time outdoors? Maintain a healthy, youthful glow this spring and summer with these beauty tips for warm weather and humidity.
flowerFashion Trends for Spring and Summer
From classic to trendy, discover what's hot in fashion for the new summer season.
flowerHot Hairstyle Trends
Trendy and stylish, this summer promises to bring some of the most exciting hair styles we've seen in years. Discover what's hot for long and short hair.
flowerHomemade Sunburn Relief Recipes
If, despite all you've done, you still get the dreaded sunburn, use these pain relief recipes to ease your discomfort and skin damage.
flowerHow to Buy Sunglasses
Get advice for buying comfortable sunglasses that offer adequate UV protection and which styles flatter different face shapes.
flowerHow to Control Frizzy Hair
Whilst there is no real cure for frizzy hair, our guide will help you to tame it down so that's it's manageable and sleek.
flowerSunless Tanning Tips: Fake a Tan
The next time you need a tan, save time and use sunless tanning lotion. It's a healthy alternative to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This article will give you instructions to apply it evenly and to make it look natural.
flowerSummer Hair Care
The summer months are here and it's time to take charge. We've got hair tips for style, color, and swimming to help you avoid damage and keep it in top shape.
flowerSummer Makeup Tips
Create a new look this season with the latest on summer makeup and fun trends to look sun-kissed and sizzling for warm weather occasions.
flowerSunning Tips
Too much of a good thing can age you prematurely and the sun is number one on the list. Here's how to protect your skin from damaging UV rays.
flowerSwimwear Shopping Tips
The moment of truth... This guide will help you find the latest styles in swimwear that will flatter your figure make you hot on the beach.