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Whoever said that men don't care about their appearance? Au contraire, in today's society, more and more guys are becoming modernized and will try different techniques to better their looks. Here you'll find not only the basics but some good updated tips for the 21st century.


Eyebrow Tips

Got hefty eyebrows? A unibrow? This article offers practical grooming and tweezing tips to shape and thin your eyebrows.
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Grooming Tips for Men

For guys who want to look better and feel great, we provide a great selection of beauty, grooming and skin care tips.

Hair Care for Men

Not sure what style is best? This page gives you a variety of tips for haircuts, styling, and coloring to keep your hair updated and healthy.

Makeup Tips for Men

It's not taboo! Whether you're a hard-core rocker or down-to-earth guy, you'll discover various tips for buying and applying makeup for various parts of your face.
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Men's Fashion Tips

This article gives you the latest men's fashion advice, styles, and ideas to look your best and feel confident for a date for job interview.
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Shaving Tips

Traditional, disposable, or electric razor? We help you decide with tips for using all of the above, and avoiding nicks and cuts along the way.

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