Bad Haircut Help

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If it hasn't happened already, sooner or later it will. The dreaded "bad haircut" goes beyond a "bad hair day". It can change the way you feel about yourself and undermine your self-esteem for months. It's hard enough to get a good style, but with a bad haircut, it's almost impossible.

First of all, don't panic! There are worse things than a bad haircut but if misery loves company, you've got plenty. The bad haircut happens to everybody at some time or another and it may help just knowing you're not alone. Here's some advice to get you through the tough times and help you feel just a little bit better.

Contact Your Stylist

You need to tell your stylist that you're not satisfied with your cut. It's possible you won't realize it turned out bad until you're home. If that's the case, give your stylist a call and tell him or her why you're not satisfied. If there's enough hair to work with, make another appointment and have it corrected. If not, it's better just let it grow (and it will) because you don't need to make it worse.

If this was a trusted stylist who botched your hair, it's better to forgive and allow them to make amends. Nobody is perfect, and it may just have been a bad day or simple miscommunication. While this is little relief, they'll try their best to make it right.

If this was a new stylist and you're certain that you won't trust him or her again, get a referral, go back to a trusted one, or try a new one to get help for your bad haircut. There's no reason to have someone cutting your hair again if they've caused you so much grief to begin with.

Help Yourself

Now, here's some consolation. For your emotional stability, you need to remember that hair grows about 1/2" a month and it's probably not going to take near as long as you think to grow out to a stage where it's acceptable. Trust me, this is the only time you will appreciate dark roots because that indicates your hair is growing!

Give it some time. If you're one of the few lucky ones, you may decide the cut wasn't so bad after all and you may even you like it. If that's not the case... Growing out a bad haircut is awkward but there are ways to minimize your discomfort. If the hat fits, wear it. Some people look great in hats and already have some. Ok, so that may not be what you had in mind...

Add Style

Try adding some body to straight hair with Velcro rollers or a curling iron. Adding some waves and curls will help disguise any blunt cuts. If your hair is wavy or kinky, straighten it out to give it some length. Don't be stuck in a rut. Now that you have a different hair cut (like it or not,) you need to do damage control with some new hair styles.

Use Hair Accessories

There are so many hair accessories on the market today, a bad haircut is a good excuse to try them out. If you hair's long enough, pull it back and leave a few strands around your face to give the illusion of longer hair.

Use the new style barrettes, hair pins, spikes, and butterfly combs to pull back your hair in problem areas only. Headbands come in so many styles and colors you're bound to find some you like. Plastic, jeweled and beaded, you can't go wrong. Think of it this way, you may be noticed for the best multiple innovative hair styles in the upcoming months!

If your bangs are too short, blow dry them straight down and sweep to the side. Then secure them back with a hair clip or bobby pin.

Add Hair Extensions

You can find clip on synthetic pony tails, braids (plaits) and straight hair extensions in department and discount stores everywhere. If you can match the color, you're in luck. You'll have an instant ponytail or braid for a feminine look.

Loose line extensions are more complicated and you're going to need a professional to put them in. You can choose synthetic or human hair. Human hair is costly but gives you a more natural look. Since the price tag for extensions is higher than other fixes, you need to decide it your bad haircut is really that bad. They require special maintenance and if you like things simple, this is not for you.

Do-it-yourself hair extensions are in longer lines and come with directions for you to put them in yourself. These are handy but it's a good idea to have someone help you clip them in.

Whatever bad haircut fix you decide on, remember, it's only a matter of time before you're back to your normal self and this will only be a distant memory.