Hangover Prevention & Remedies

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Have you ever went to a party or nightclub only to wake up the next morning regretting every moment of over-indulgence the night before? If you were the one wearing wearing the lampshade at the wild celebration, it's probably not only the symptoms of a hangover that's got you down, but also the foggy memory of your actions.

The common symptoms that keep you from functioning like a real-live human-being include the dreaded headache, dry mouth, disorientation, the "shakes," nausea, and in worse cases, vomiting. Your body will pick and choose these undesirable ailments and may incorporate one or all of the above. Usually misery loves company, so take comfort that you're not alone in your suffering, particularly if it's on a weekend.

The ultimate goal should be preventing a hangover. If it's too late for that, we've got some tips to ease up on the symptoms that are wreaking havoc on your body and causing you to lay around the house in an unproductive manner. If you have some commitments for the day, you'll need to prop yourself up, get some relief, and give yourself a quick makeover.


This is probably not what you want to hear, but the easiest way to prevent a hangover is to drink beverages that do not contain alcohol. That's not what you had in mind? The next best thing is to pace yourself and drink slowly. Consider alternating between mixed drinks or beer and non-alcoholic beverages. You can order a "virgin" drink at the bar that does not contain a shot of spirits or ask for a N/A beer that will not have any alcohol.

Have you ever heard the bartender ask you "what's your poison?" He or she needs to know what to serve you but it's also because what you drink will have different affects on your body. Carbonated mixed drinks can leave you feeling awful in the morning and keg beer is well known to cause headaches. Wine is no exception. Whiskey can not only cause adverse changes in your personality, it's payback time in the morning. Many people find that Vodka is often the choice that is less likely to initiate a hangover.

Don't drink on an empty stomach. Eat something before you hit the town and consider munching before you go to bed. Take a multi-vitamin pill to replace those vitamins that the alcohol depleted from your body and chase it down with a glass of water. Now, try to sleep it off.

It is not recommended to take Tylenol or some other over-the-counter pain relievers before you drink or while you are drinking. Read the warning labels on the bottles and you'll discover that the side-effects and potential damage to your inner organs may be worse than the hangover itself. Practice prevention the best that you can and partake in natural home remedies as needed.

Remember to stay safe. There are people who scout bars and nightclubs looking for victims. To prevent someone from adding a drug to your drink, always keep an eye on it and never leave it unattended.

Hangover Remedies

When you wake up, let's hope you're in the place you intended to be. You may not be moving as quickly as you'd like and you'll become aware soon enough of any aches and pains. While you're waiting it out, praying just to feel like your usual self, there's some simple home remedies to alleviate the symptoms and perhaps cure your hangover so you recover much sooner.

Since alcohol consumption causes dehydration you will need to replace what you've lost. Drink some water to start the process. If you're a coffee drinker, try some in moderation. Fruit or vegetable juice such as Tomato or V-8 adds vitamins in addition to liquid. Some people find that the sugar contained in soda is a quick pick-me-up and that's okay if you're blood sugar levels are fine.

If you're hungry but are reluctant to eat, try something easy on the stomach such as toast, cereal or crackers. Soup is a great choice, adding both vitamins and broth. Quit before you are full full and eat again later. Avoid foods that can aggravate your stomach such as dairy, spicy and gassy foods.

Should you try the "hair of the dog" that bit you? Probably not. It may ease a hangover initially but it will just give your body more alcohol to process. That's not good in the long run.

There are many over-the-counter remedies you can take to alleviate the pain of a headache or body aches. These are better off taken after your body has processed much or all of the alcohol. The jury is still out on hangover or chaser pills that are becoming more popular. If you're still suffering, they may be worth a try.

Looking Good

Hangovers often show in appearance and manner. First, get up and get moving. Start off with a relaxing bath or shower. Brush your teeth and tongue to get rid of bacteria and that bad taste in your mouth. If you're having problems with puffy eyes, remedy this by putting something cold from the freezer over your eyes for a few minutes. Got dark circles? Use a concealer for a quick cover-up. Freshen up a dull complexion with makeup. A dab of bronzing powder on your cheeks will add color.

*This page is provided as an information resource and is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.

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