How to Get the Best Haircut and Style

hair cut

Have you ever come home from the salon in tears because you feel that your hair was ruined, and worst of all, you paid for it? It's probably happened to just about all of us at some time or another but you can prevent it in the future. On a quest to the most fabulous haircut and style just for you, here are important five steps to ensure you get just what you're looking for.

Choose a Reputable Stylist

Seek out others for referrals. Ask you friends with great-looking hair which salon they go to and the name of their stylist. More important, ask those who have similar hair texture, thickness and styles that you prefer. If you see a stranger whose hair you adore, don't be shy. Flatter that person with compliments and get the information you need. Most people are happy to share their stylist and can often get discounts for giving referrals.

Bring Pictures

It's not always easy to describe what cut and style you want. Your description may bring up something completely different in the stylist's mind, leading to a bad haircut that can take months or even years to recover from.

Salons are full of magazines and styling guides for reference. If you bring along a picture from home or select one from an in-house pictorial, you're more likely to get just what you want. Be reasonable. Not all cuts and styles may work with your hair texture and some can accentuate facial flaws. The best insurance is to bring along a few pictures and ask the professional for advice.

Be Precise

If you want your long hair to stay long, say just that. If you just want a trim, tell him or her how much hair you want cut and make a show with your fingers. Don't be reluctant to interrupt while your hair is being cut. If you just sit there, knowing you're on the wrong track, you'll kick yourself later on. A stylist who asks plenty of questions about how you want your hair to look is one that wants to make sure that you walk out happy.

Watch Closely

Don't get into heavy chatting and then discover that you have no idea how to achieve that fantastic look. A great hairstyle is one you'll want to replicate over and over so it's important to watch carefully and see how it's done. Again, ask questions and you can pick up some good tips for manipulating your hair into the style that's just perfect for you.

Be Decisive

There are times when you're just not happy with the cut. If you are aware of this before you leave the salon, make it known. If the salon is not busy, this may be able to be corrected then and there. If you feel rushed, tell the stylist and let him or her know that you may be in touch soon. If you discover that the haircut is not to your liking after you get home, make another appointment to follow up. After all, you wanted to look better, right? The best way to do this is communicate with the professional.

Remember, don't ever get your hair cut right before a special event. You will need some time to get used to it and make any adjustments if it turns out bad.