Formal Dress Care

prom dresses

It's fun shopping for a formal dress and shoes but it can be quite an investment. Whether you plan on wearing your dress again or parting with it after your prom, we've got some great tips to keep it in tip-top shape so you or someone else can enjoy the dress you first fell in love with.

  • Do not apply your fragrance or perfume directly on your dress. Apply it before you get dressed and on your pulse points where the fabric won't touch. Perfume has a tendency to leave nasty stains even if they don't appear immediately.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. Carry a safety pin in your purse for a ripped seam or bra strap that won't stay put.
  • If you're not renting a limo, make sure the vehicle you will travel in has been cleaned inside and out.
  • Don't throw your dress on the floor when you get home. Take the time to hang it up to keep it's shape. Someone will appreciate your efforts later.
  • Not all stains are apparent. Have your dress cleaned and pressed as soon as possible after your prom, especially if you've used a sunless tanning lotion.
  • When you take your gown to the cleaners, point out any evident stains and tears so they can be mended. Do not try to repair them at home.
  • Take in any accessories that need to be dry-cleaned such as a shawl, handbag or shoes.
  • Cover your dress to keep off dirt and dust. Ask your dry cleaner for specific instructions for storing.