How to Apply False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

Movie stars and pop divas aren't the only ones wearing false eyelashes. In fact, they're becoming more popular with women everywhere. Longer, fuller lashes might be just what you need to glamour up. Besides that, they can help make an older woman look younger. Are you ready to give them a try?

There are two types of false eyelashes. Those attached to a band, and individual lashes that you can glue on separately. They aren't hard to apply, the trick is taking your time to get it right. You will quickly learn by trial and error. Once you gain a little experience, applying your lashes will be easier than putting on a pair of pantyhose.

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes

Start with a clean face and draw a steady line right above your lash line with a brown or black eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. Blend it in so it looks natural. If you want, you can apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural eyelashes before you put on your fake lashes, but you need to let it dry before you continue. It can be messy.

Step 2: Prepare the Lash Bands

Check the width of the lash bands. To shorten them, trim them to the width of your lash line using a pair of scissors and snipping the outer edges, where the lashes are the longest. (You can cut the bands in half and apply them just to you outer, top lids if you don't need full coverage.) Flex your lash bands so they will conform to your eyelids.

Step 3: Apply the Eyelashes

Dab on a thin line of the adhesive to the lash band with a toothpick. Wait a few seconds to allow the glue to become tacky. Press on the lash bands from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes, placing them as close to your own natural lash line as possible. Hold them firmly in place, until they're set. Try to keep it neat, but don't worry if you have a little extra glue showing. It will dry clear. If you didn't apply mascara before, you can do that now. Or apply a second coat.


Your eye area is very delicate, so don't rub it any more than what's necessary. Apply some eye makeup remover to your eyes and let it soak in for several seconds to soften up the adhesive. Take a corner of the lash band and gently pull off the lashes.

Cleaning & Storage

You can reuse your false eyelashes as long as you keep them clean. To clean them, use warm, soapy water to remove any mascara and dirt. Take a pair of tweezers and carefully pull off any additional glue. A toothbrush or moustache brush works great for cleaning between the lashes. Store them on the platform in the original container to keep their shape.