Shopping Tips for Women's Fashion


Looking for that perfect dress for a special occasion? A pair of jeans that fit like a glove? Unless you know exactly what to look for, shopping for clothing can be frustrating and time consuming. Spending your money wisely while finding fashions that flatter your figure and skin tone is not difficult as you may think.

Here, you'll find some tips and advice to help you shop for classic, trendy, and seasonal garments in today's society where your clothing is just as important as your attitude.

Shop in Off-Peak Hours

It's the same with Christmas shopping. When the stores are less crowded, you'll find it easier to maneuver around clothing racks, find an empty fitting room, and get help from the sales clerk.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Dress in comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. Avoid multiple buttons, tight collars, panty hose and lace-up shoes.

Watch the Mirrors Carefully

Most stores supply mirrors that may alter your appearance in such a way that you'll appear slimmer. This is good for sales but not good when you get home and find out that you look very different in your own mirror. Always check the store's return policy before buying anything and save your receipts in the event that you have to return a garment.

Choose Clothes that Fit

Don't buy loose clothing that hangs on your frame. This will add bulk and make you appear larger. On the other hand, stay away from clothes that will fit perfectly if you lose 5-10 lbs. Clingy fabrics are unforgiving and will show every flaw and bulge. Buy only clothes that you are comfortable in, standing up or sitting down.

Take a Friend

Get a second opinion from a friend who is on the same mission. Shopping for clothing takes time, so make it clear from the beginning that this will be an all-day event and treat her to lunch for telling you exactly how the styles and colors look on you.

Don't Overdo Trendy Clothing

Wearing the latest styles and trends will keep you updated, but don't wear too many at once. Keep your wardrobe versatile and mix trendy fashions with classic style.

Wear Proper Undergarments

Always wear bras and panties that fit you well. Bras that ride up your back will not enhance your bust and you'll probably experience unwanted bulges. Consider investing in a body shaper to look sleek in a suit or dress. Many tanks and halter tops now have a built-in bra, enjoy!

Mix Seasonal Clothing

This can be done, but keep it practical. Who says you can't wear a tank top in the Winter? Mix and match to find the right balance. Even in cooler climates, a summer tank looks just fine in the winter under long sleeves or a jacket. Just make sure you choose similar colors.

Find a Style that Flatters You and Stick With It

You've probably come across styles that look great on you. If the style is classic, you're in luck. Some fashions such as turtlenecks never lose popularity. If the style is trendy, enjoy it for the moment, but don't toss it out when the trend ends. Fashion trends have a tendency to come back in style, so you can dig it out and wear it again if you haven't experienced any major weight fluctuations.