Grooming Tips for Men

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While doing some research, I was surprised to find out how many guys are searching for beauty advice and grooming tips. Women aren't the only ones concerned about their appearance!

In today's world men are not afraid to make themselves more attractive by using personal care products. You're already gorgeous, but why not help nature out a bit and boost your self-confidence? Some of these beauty and grooming tips are mere essentials while others go beyond a basic hair cut. Choose what's right for you and pamper yourself. Don't forget to check out the beauty tips for women. Nobody will ever know.

Skin Care

  • Wear sunglasses outside, not only will the sun damage the skin around your eyes, constant squinting will leave permanent creases over time.
  • Fake a tan in season. Today's sunless tanning lotions do not turn your skin orange.
  • Men need moisturizers and sunscreen just as often as women do. If you don't have a skin care regimen, start now.
  • Quit smoking and restore blood circulation for a healthy glow and better sex life.
  • Never pick a mole. If one looks suspicious or is bothersome, your dermatologist can remove it with a very simple procedure.
  • Know your skin and look for suspicious changes. Visit your dermatologist annually for a complete examination.
  • Use a concealer for blemishes. Men do this all the time. Just don't think about the "makeup" word.
  • Beware of those "skinny" mirrors in stores. They are misleading. If a style didn't look good on you in the past, it won't now, unless you've made some significant changes.
  • If you're prone to acne and breakouts, wash your face twice a day with antibacterial soap.
  • Use a toner to remove excess oil and shine on your face.
  • Wear lip balm outdoors to prevent chapped lips.

Grooming Tips

  • Keep your fingernails trimmed and clean. Same for toenails.
  • Trim your nose hairs occasionally. What you're used to, others may notice.
  • If you don't iron your clothes, remove them immediately from the dryer so wrinkles don't set.
  • In hot weather, wear light-colored, cotton clothing and socks. This will absorb less heat and "sweat stains" will be less visible.
  • Consider trimming your arm pit hairs in warm weather. Less hairs, less bacteria, less smell. Think about it.
  • Don't be reluctant to trim or tweeze stray eyebrow hairs.
  • Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.

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