Hair Removal Tips

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Hair can be beautiful if it's in the right places. Unfortunately, the human body grows hair in places we would prefer not to have it. Getting rid of unwanted hair is one of the most common beauty problems for women, but men can also have problems with excessive growth.

From shaving to tweezing, there are many ways to enjoy smooth, silky skin, with little cost and effort. Plan on constant maintenance because hair seems to grow back much faster in places we don't want it. Professional threading and permanent removal are good alternatives but quite costly. Here, well focus on practical tips for quick hair removal.

Removal Methods

  • Shaving is still the most common and inexpensive method to remove unwanted hair. With care, it gives you a great, smooth feeling with the least fuss.
  • When shaving your legs, use hair conditioner if you're out of shaving gel. This will leave your legs feeling smooth and silky.
  • Tweeze eyebrows immediately after a shower or bath to loosen hair. If you find it painful, apply teething gel beforehand.
  • Tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
  • Enhance your natural brow when tweezing. Never change the shape of your arch.
  • Hot wax can be used at home but it's best to have it done professionally the first time to see how it's done.
  • Don't use hot wax if your skin is sensitive.
  • Don't apply cream to your face after a hot wax treatment if you're prone to breakouts.
  • Apply a coat of Vaseline to sensitive spots when using a depilatory or hot wax to keep it off of those areas.
  • Do a test on a very small patch of skin before using a depilatory or hot wax to make sure it won't cause an allergic reaction or breakouts.
  • Absolutely do not use depilatory, hot wax, or any other chemicals to remove nose hairs unless you're into pain.
  • If you have your hair removed professionally, make sure the shop is up to the standards set by the health department and properly licensed.
  • Consider professional threading for facial hair and eyebrows. It's much easier on the skin than waxing. Not every beauty parlor offers this service, so give them a call first.