Beauty Advice: When Less is More


Sometimes in our quest to realize our most beautiful selves, we make a few mistakes and overdo the simplest things. Whether it's overuse of a beauty product or taking too much from here or there, these blunders are just enough to undermine our best intentions. Below are ten scenarios when the "less is more" philosophy should apply to our beauty routine.


If you apply makeup with a heavy hand, you'll look overdone and perhaps "cheap." Besides, too much foundation and powder tends to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles; something we'd rather hide.


If you ever remember asking for a trim and walking out with a full-fledged haircut, you can relate to this one. You will only get your money's worth if you choose a stylist that respects your wishes and follows directions precisely.


Over-plucking eyebrows is one beauty blunder that takes a long time to fix. Set your guide and pluck unwanted hairs with caution. Whatever the technique, it's much easier to trim it down than grow in sparse areas.

Face Cream

Slathering on moisturizing or anti-aging face cream too often is not beneficial. Most likely, you will end up with clogged pores and breakouts, which may cause permanent scarring. Of course, less is more and you'll save money when you apply just enough on a damp face.

Acne Medications

Similar to using face creams, too much of a good thing can cause a "rebound" effect. Use directions for acne medications as a general guide and customize to fit your own needs.

Hair Care Products

If, while on the mission to combat frizz and mold your hair into the perfect hairstyle, you apply every styling product you can get your hands on, your hair will look heavy, dirty and lackluster. It's best to stick with only two products, and that includes hairspray.

Manicures and Pedicures

Cutting fingernails and toenails too short not only hurts, it often leads to ingrown nails. Worse yet, is biting them to the nail bed. If you're a do-it-yourself kind of gal, resist the urge to cut them too short. If you need to start anew, even them up to the shortest nail only if it's of reasonable length. Otherwise, leave the others a little longer until the shorter one catches up.

Cosmetic Surgery

Fixing what you perceive is a flaw is one thing, but becoming a plastic surgery junkie is scary indeed. Every surgery has risks and the results may not be what you anticipated. All you need to do is take a look at aging celebrities. Some of them must regret going overboard!

Sunless Tan

Acquiring a tan sans sun is smart, however, too much of a good thing looks artificial and tacky. Use sunless tanning lotions in moderation and get an airbrush tan for special occasions. Always check the results in natural light before heading out the door.

Hair Color

There's nothing wrong with a dramatic change if your new hair color compliments your skin tone. Sometimes though, the change is too drastic. If you're concerned, try doing it in steps with semi-permanent haircolor until you find the perfect shade.