10 Things that Make You Look Older

sun protection

As we age, our desire to look younger gets stronger until we finally accept our fate and grow old gracefully. Until then, most of us put up quite a fight. Could it be though, that we’re undermining our own efforts by overlooking a few common things because we simply don’t want to change? What if we could look ten yours younger?

Whether it’s part of a beauty routine or just a bad habit, some of the things that we’re doing (or not doing) to ourselves are hindering our ability to appear youthful. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the top then things that make us look older. Some are (ridiculously) easy to correct.

1) No Sunscreen

The sun is the number one cause of wrinkles yet so many people fail to protect their skin. Wearing sunscreen and makeup with sunscreen will help prevent damage to skin that will appear later on as well as a sunburn that hurts and produces further skin damage.

2) Smoking

Smoking is the elephant in the room. Unless you're in denial, you know that smoking causes premature aging amongst many other undesirable effects on our bodies. Not only that, smoking is "old school" and unacceptable by today's social standards. After all, who would start smoking cigarettes after learning just how dangerous it really is?

3) Yellow Teeth

Stained, yellow teeth are not attractive and indicate aging, poor hygiene, and perhaps bad habit(s). If you make it a priority to whiten your teeth, you can brighten your smile and shave years off of your appearance.

4) Being Overweight

It's common knowledge that our metabolism slows down as we age. Although there are many overweight people of all ages, once you're over thirty, extra pounds have a tendency to look matronly and signify an aging body. Healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine are essential to looking your best at any age.

5) Gray Hair

Typically, hairs turn gray as we get older but some people experience premature graying. Whether to embrace your gray hair or cover it is a personal choice, however, most people associate gray hair with old people (like it or not!) If you want to look younger than your years, it's time to cover the grays with permanent hair color and get an updated hairstyle.

6) Too Much Makeup

Namely, too much foundation and powder that settle into every fine line and wrinkle, Our instincts tell us that we have more flaws to cover as we get older but wearing too much makeup is a (counterproductive) mistake. Lighten up for a fresh, dewy look and wear lip gloss for fuller, shiny lips.

7) Saggy Breasts

Gravity gets everyone, it's part of the aging process. The larger the breasts, the more sag. Unfortunately, sag can creep up on us just like weight, until one day, you realize that your breasts are going south. A good support bra will help perk them up again and help prevent future saggage. The sooner, the better.

8) Dry Skin

Dry skin does not look good nor does it feel comfortable. Keep yourself (and your skin) hydrated with plenty of water and use a light moisturizer to combat wrinkles.

9) Mom Jeans

In style or not, mom jeans do not flatter anyone. Ever. If it wasn't for Jessica Simpson being the butt of jokes back in January, 2009, more women would still be wearing those high-waisted atrocities. It's not just that they make you look fat, they also make you look like the lady who can't let go of the past.

10) Poor Posture

Nothing indicates an aging body more than poor posture. You can change how others perceive you by standing up straight, keeping shoulders back, and holding your head high. Once you begin doing this, it will become habit.