Prom Fashion Trends for Spring

prom dresses

Spring brings some big changes for prom dresses due to the economy and emerging practicality. Before you become too concerned, keep reading.

The changes are quite refreshing as the trends in formalwear shift from overly extravagant to fashionable and fun. We'll be seeing an eclectic mix of traditional with trendy as teens prepare for prom on a realistic budget.


Prom fashion trends are taking the lead from wedding trends, and that is, eliminating nonsensical frills and sticking to what really matters. Designers are giving us sophisticated styles with shorter hemlines and intricate details that turn heads. We will find many more strapless and halter dresses that are quite dazzling, without hundreds of sewn-in sequins and yards of extra fabric. If you think this sounds bland, you're missing the crystal embellishments and jewel accents that make these dresses truly breathtaking.

If your personal style is more sleek and smooth, find a classic, silhouette design that fits like a glove. Want to define your waist? Forget the bulky bows of yesteryear and opt for a cinched waist or classy sash. Lengths vary but trends are leaning towards shorter styles that can be worn again for another formal occasion.

Want to stand out in the crowd? Traditional doesn't look typical. You can't to wrong with a vintage dress. With just the right shoes and accessories, you'll be a timeless beauty at the ball and never have to worry about someone else wearing the same thing. Now that's being uniquely you!


Popular colors for prom dresses are true to the season but there's one surprise emerging. Besides pastels such as buttercup, watermelon, apricot, plum, gray, lavender, and periwinkle, floral patterns are emerging and bringing us an array of colors all in one dress. They're quite fashionable, flirty, and fun.

For those that like bolder, brighter colors, fuchsia, red, black, navy blue, sunny yellow, and purple are the colors de jour. Not only are these colors hot for prom, they're perfect for homecoming as well.

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