Prom Hairstyles

Step up the romance with an elegant hairstyle for prom. Wavy, curly or straight, you'll want the style you choose to compliment your facial features and last throughout the evening. You can opt for a classic updo, or eye-catching, trendy style. Consider your dress when making your decision and coordinate your hair and accessories.

Prom or homecoming is a good excuse to update your hairstyle. If you're wanting a drastic change, try new techniques two or three weeks before the event. If you only need a trim, one week in advance should suffice. The same goes for hair color. Give yourself time to adjust so you're not left feeling like an oddball at the dinner and dance.

long hairstyle

Style Ideas

Ideas for popular, romantic hairstyles include snazzy updos, buns, soft curls, or French twists. If you want to be a little more daring, use a flat iron for straight, sleek hair and add a messy part. For a trendy, girlish look, a simple pony tail accented with jeweled hair accessories will keep things simple. Pull out some hair around your hairline to frame your face and give you a wispy, feminine look.

If you don't want a fancy updo, consider a half-updo with hair partially pulled back with a decorative comb or barrette. If you decide to wear it all down, make sure it is properly conditioned to prevent frizzy hair. If your hair is short, change the style so that it's not something you wear every day.

updo hairstyle

Styling Tips

Think ahead. Schedule an appointment with your stylist well in advance. Salons are overbooked in the spring because of both weddings and proms. If you need ideas, visit the salon early and look through their books.

Bring along any hair accessories or earrings you plan on wearing because they will be needed for your overall style. A picture can better portray the hair color and style you have in mind. Take advantage of the situation, the more input you give, the more likely you'll be happy with the results.

  • Believe it or not, squeaky clean, conditioned hair is difficult to work with. Depending on the style, it may be best to wash your hair the day before your appointment and not apply conditioner. Just spray in a little detangler to get by. Of course, you should ask in advance if this is recommended for your particular style.
  • It's a good idea to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If rain is in the forecast, arrange to be dropped off directly at the entrance or take an umbrella.
  • If you're wearing an updo, it will look stern if it's pulled too tight. Leave out some strands for a natural look and loosen up a little.
  • Don't fret if you hair doesn't exactly stay in place. A little messy is also romantic.
  • Always carry a comb and a small can of hairspray with you.
  • Have some bobby pins handy for emergencies.
  • Get your eyebrows shaped or touched-up when you go in for your final trim or hair cut.

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