Fitness Tips from Readers

hand weights and sneakers

A healthy lifestyle and fitness routine are key to self-improvement. When you commit yourself, you'll burn fat through exercise, build muscle that increases metabolism, and probably lose weight. It feels great and reduces stress. Our readers submitted some tips that helped them get a better body. You can too!

Easy Two Week Butt Workout

    To firm up your rump, just follow these simple steps! It is what the pro trainers teach the movie stars at their personal gyms!

    1. Get down on your hands and knees.

    2. Slowly lift one leg in the air so that your leg makes a 90 degree angle.

    3. Slowly move it back.

    Repeat this 20 times per leg 3 times a week. In no time you will see noticeable results!... by Renee

  • To increase your breast size, lift both of your arms up over your head and press your palms together. You will feel your muscles on the side of your breast pulling. Do this everyday for about 5 minutes and you'll see the results. by Coley

  • You don't have to work out all in one session. If you're short on time or endurance, consider splitting up your workouts into twenty minute sessions whenever it's convenient.