Makeup Tips from Readers


Every girl wants to accentuate their best features and grab attention. Once you learn the essentials, you're ready for advanced techniques to get the look you want. Our readers submitted makeup tips for the basics as well as some interesting tidbits that you probably didn't know. That's what's fun about makeup. Your face is a palette for artistic beauty and you can change your look every day if you wish!

  • If you have problems blending your foundation, add a small amount of moisturizer to it first and then apply to your face. You'll get a much more natural effect! by Ellie, UK
  • If you have an oily complexion, choose a foundation color a trace lighter than your skin tone, as oil darkens the tone. by Sneh Rana
  • If your going for a natural look, apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer. Then apply blush on the apple of your cheeks and for a fresh wide-eyed, look sweep it gentle over your eye area, not underneath as this will highlight dark circles. Use a large brush. Ciara
  • To make blue eyes look wider and fresher, apply a thin line of copper-coloured eye shadow to the bottom eyelash line. Reddish and brown tones are great when used on the sockets and corners to bring out blue and green eyes. by Ciara
  • For cat-woman eyes, apply black eyeliner in a sideways v-shape at the front of your eyes. Then on the upper lash line continue the lash-line further out in a upwards direction. Don't go overboard, less is more. by Ciara
  • Plain, white eye shadow, without any "frost" can open your eyes up no matter how tired you are. It can also be applied to the center of your lips to make them look fuller or dusted along your collarbone to make it stand out. by Martha
  • A neutral, pale brown eyebrow pencil can make your brows look fuller & more even, line your eyes without looking obvious, and make your lower lip look bigger, if applied correctly. Very lightly, dot just a bit of pale brown liner under the center of your bottom lip, right under the lip line, where the shadow of your lip is. Blend it with a finger, outward and downward; it creates the illusion of a bigger lip shadow, which makes your lower lip look fuller and softer. by Martha
  • It's better to buy a lipstick with a point. It helps keep the part around your lip line straight. by Renee

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