Skin Care Tips from Readers

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You can fight aging by taking proper care of your skin. It's never too late to start! Our readers have shared a great deal of experience and wisdom they've learned over the years that has helped them solve skin problems and make their skin look years younger. Whatever your skin type, you will find something useful here on your quest to beautiful skin!

  • A tip from my dad, who, at 87, still looked 50-ish. Don't over-cleanse your skin! If you washed your face the night before, you don't need to do it again in the morning unless you've been sleepwalking in a pig sty! Rinse your skin and pat it dry. That's it. Your skin needs the oils it produces while you sleep. Quit fighting with your skin and it will look better. by Martha
  • To lessen the appearance of fine lines and small wrinkles, apply a washcloth dampened in warm milk to the affected area and leave it on for ten or fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and immediately apply your moisturizer or sunscreen. Milk contains lactic acid, which will temporarily plump the fine tissues in the face. by Martha
  • I have found that cleansing your face with eggs is good for acne. Of course, do not replace eggs with your regular facial cleanser. by Kate
  • A cure for acne: Mix a tablespoon of honey and half teaspoon of baking soda. Apply on face for at least fifteen minutes. Do not rub if you have severe acne. Just wash it away with simple water. Apply at least two times a day. For mild acne slightly rub it and wash away. After one week you will have clean, clear and spot-free skin. by Farhat Maluka
  • A cheap and effective moisturizer is a mixture of glycerin and rosewater in equal parts. by Bhamini
  • You can lessen acne by not washing your face with a facial cleanser all the time. Instead, wipe your face down with pure warm water every morning until there is no oil. Use a toner or an astringent, and then apply your acne medication. This has helped me have clearer skin. by Kimmy
  • Want clean, clear skin? Put half a cup of oatmeal (or more) in a bowl with some water to get it moist and about 2 spoons of real bee's honey and mix together. Put it on your face for about 10 minutes and wash it off with water. It gives you such clean and a beautiful complexion! by Savahanna G
  • Here's a tip for a good complexion: drink water. I have a pint glass with me throughout the day when I'm at home, and when I've finished, I fill it back up again straight away. This way I drink three or four pints a day, and I really notice a difference in the quality of my complexion. It helps keeps spots away too. by Rachel - UK
  • After a shower, apply cream on your face while it's still wet to lock in the moisture. by Kristin - Garden City, KS
  • To avoid chapping of lips use almond oil regularly for a month and they will soften up!

Face Mask Recipe

1 tsp. black tea
1 tsp. rich face cream
1 tsp. mayonnaise

Mix together, apply to face, and leave it on for approximately 20 minutes. by Tommie

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