Tips for Healthy, Shiny Hair


There's nothing like shiny hair to make you look healthy and well-groomed. This doesn't always come naturally, so it may require a change in your beauty routine. High-maintenance hair usually incurs the most damage because it takes more effort to achieve the desired affect. For the best results, try out simpler techniques and you'll find out what works for your hair texture.

Keep it Conditioned

To cut down on split-ends, have it trimmed on a regular basis and hydrate your hair with conditioner to keep it in tip-top shape. Leave the conditioner in for several minutes to give it a chance to absorb. If your hair needs more attention, apply a hot-oil treatment once a week. Don't overuse the treatments because too much of it can cause hair to become dull and lifeless.

Cut Down on the Frizz

Frizzy hair is often lackluster because it doesn't reflect the light the way straight hair does. You can get the shine back by controlling the frizz, but it's not always that easy. Check out our frizzy hair page for some great tips to get the upper-hand on this common problem.

Give Your Hair a Rest

Our hair takes a beating with all of the styling appliances and products that we use on an everyday basis. Avoid using a hair dryer and let it dry naturally. If you must use a dryer, keep it on the coolest setting and use a diffuser.

Cut down on curling iron use and opt for hot rollers when you insist on curls. This is a gentler approach for luscious, wavy tresses. To prevent scorching, don't spray your hair with hairspray before using any heated appliances.

Avoid weighing down your hair with numerous styling products. They can dry out your hair and take away the shine. Stick to one or two products, and use them sparingly. Over time, your hair will adjust and it will take less effort to pull off your desired results.

Use Styling Products for Shine

Test a few styling products designed to make your hair shiny. After washing it, pour some hair gel or leave-in conditioner in the palm of your hand and gently rub it in. Distribute it more heavily on the middle and ends than you do the roots so your hair doesn't appear dirty or oily.