The Benefits of a Weight Loss Journal


If you've tried time after time to lose weight and it's not working, maybe it's because you're not aware of exactly how much you're eating. It's not always easy to bare all privately, let alone in a blog for the world to see. Fortunately, by doing so, it's much easier to pinpoint exactly what we're doing wrong so that we can make some adjustments to see success.

Whether you decide to keep your weight loss journal private or put it online, there are several benefits to keeping precise notes and writing down everything you eat, as well as your fitness and exercise activities. Sometimes, ignorance is not bliss and it can mean failure, so start tracking your progress.

Helps Set and Maintain Goals

Set your weight loss and fitness goals to begin with. Sometimes by reading back, you can remember just what you're trying to accomplish and why. It put things back into perspective when you get frustrated. It's best to set small goals and reward yourself with non-food items when you reach them.

Track Progress

A diary helps you track progress and see what's working. By looking back, you can easily find your best and worst days. Make sure you record when you've reached a weight loss plateau and you'll discover how to overcome it next time.

You're Held Accountable

By beginning a weight loss journal, you've made a commitment that means you're serious about losing weight and getting in shape. This is often the first step to reaching a goal, even if they're in small ones leading to the ultimate fantasy. If you commit to writing down everything you eat and record all of your exercise sessions, it's right there in black and white what you're doing wrong. And right.

Gain New Friends and Mentors

If you're blogging online, you'll probably make new friends and receive much-needed moral support when you cave in and eat way too much. There's a great deal of satisfaction in telling others what is working for you and getting useful tidbits of information that will help you be successful. Sometimes, just knowing you're not alone gives you motivation to keep at it.